SCMA Mission and Vision


  • To work together in a mutually supportive manner to constantly improve the economic viability of business in the town
  • To cooperate in advertising and promotional events designed to increase retail business in the town
  • To collaborate with the town, county, and state governments to improve the ability for business to thrive and prosper in the town
  • To provide a forum to meet to discuss the methods and means for increasing business in the town
  • To foster a sense of pride in the overall community of the Town of Siler City,  North Carolina


To assist in developing the retail business in the Town of Siler City, North Carolina, making it a productive locale for commerce in the central portion of the state.

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About Us



See everything the small businesses of Siler City have to offer.  From Arts to Restaurants to Retail, Siler City has something for everyone.

About Siler City


Take a peak at what makes Siler City a historic destination for many.  From the resting place of Francis Beaver (Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show) to our Historic Downtown district, Siler City has a  southern charm and a small town feel that can't be beat.  

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