Stillpoint Acupuncture

About Stillpoint

Stillpoint Acupuncture offers preventive and supportive medical care for people of all ages, using oriental medicine and acupuncture. By applying the theories of diagnosis and treatment used in China for thousands of years, our goal is not only to help alleviate physical and emotional suffering, but also to assist in the discovery and development of your particular contributions to the world.

No matter why you may initially seek treatment, people often find that acupuncture, herbal medicine and other natural remedies bring unexpected benefits. Many say, “I feel more like my old self!” As aches and pains diminish, vitality improves, stressful situations become less overwhelming, and space is created for your inherent strengths to emerge. Embarking upon treatment with acupuncture can even be an opening for transformation throughout your life.

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Address: 229 E. Raleigh St. Siler City, NC 27344